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CDM Principal Designer (construction)

The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) regulate the Health & Safety and welfare aspects of a building project.

The Principal Designer, a role stipulated by the CDM Regulations 2015, plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety throughout the life cycle of a construction project. Consider them as the architects of safety, quietly toiling behind the scenes to craft a secure and risk-free environment for all involved. Their primary responsibility commences right at the project’s inception, during the design phase. By identifying potential health and safety risks at an early stage, they can be nipped in the bud with this early-stage involvement making for a safer & more cost-effective construction process.

As the project transitions from the drawing board to real-world implementation, the Principal Designer’s role remains as Health & Safety oversight. They continue to collaborate closely with various stakeholders, ensuring that the safety measures outlined in the initial design are executed precisely as planned. This oversight can be likened to a continuous safety audit helping prevent accidents & injuries on the construction site.

In essence, the Principal Designer’s role is pivotal for both compliance and the welfare of everyone involved. By harmonising design innovation with safety considerations, they facilitate a smoother construction process, mitigating risks, and ultimately fostering a safer work environment. Their expertise is an invaluable asset in ensuring that every construction project concludes successfully, with safety firmly anchored as the cornerstone of the build.

Our team has decades of experience in site safety and undertaking the CDM Principal Designer role on your behalf is just one of many possible services we offer to manage the risk in your project & deliver it safely.


Strategic planning is core to our model of systematic compliance


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Health and Safety Compliance Plans

We'll tailor a health and safety support package that works within your budget and legal commitments. Supporting you every step, from compliance to your business’s growth.


  • Up to 1 hour of consultancy and support per month
  • Annual Compliance Check
  • 5x e-learning courses per year
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • Reporting and computerised catalogue
  • Audit support


  • Quality compliance checks
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss strategic requirements
  • 5 x e-learning courses for staff training per quarter
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • 2 hours monthly support
  • Fully documented computerised records


  • Monthly Compliance Checking
  • Monthly meetings to discuss strategic requirements
  • Full access to e-learning catalogue
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • Reporting and computerised catalogue
  • Audit support
  • Up to 4 hrs of consultancy and support per month

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