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Fire Strategy & Fire Risk Assessments:

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for most types of buildings used commercially. 

If you have more than 5 staff then you must keep a written record of the assessment and that would be our general advice regardless of size – your insurance company may even insist on it as part of your fire insurance. 

A risk assessment is about: 

  • Identifying the fire hazards 
  • Identify the people at risk. 
  • Evaluate and then plan how to remove, reduce or mitigate the fire risks. 
  • Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training. 
  • Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly. 

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Who is a responsible person under the Fire Safety Order?  

You’re responsible for fire safety in business or other non-domestic premises if you’re: 

  • An Employer
  • The Building Owner
  • The Landlord
  • The Occupier
  • Anyone else with control of the premises such as caretaker, site manager, facilities manager, managing agent or risk assessor

Don’t forget – The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 also applies if you have paying guests. So if your business is a Guesthouse, B&B, AirBnB, Hotel or let a self-catering property, then you need to be talking to us about Fire Risk Assessments for the hospitality & AirBnB industry.

So if you think you may need a Fire Risk Assessment, then speak to the JCM Health & Safety Team on 0151 933 0905. We’re here to help. We offer Fire Risk Assessments for Residential & HMO properties (Types 1-4), Commercial, Industrial and Educational premises too.

Or perhaps you’re concerned about fire risks on your construction site? That’s a particular speciality of JCM Health & Safety Compliance with strong links through to our CDM Principal Designer Service so give us a call and let’s have a no-obligation chat about your particular circumstances. 

We’re here to undertake your fire risk assessment for you and will give you advice on: 

  • Elimination & control of fire hazards 
  • Portable and fixed heating installations 
  • Hazardous materials, usage & storage 
  • Arson risks & prevention 
  • Means of fire warning & escape : emergency fire evacuation plan 
  • Specific risks & needs of vulnerable people: the elderly, infirm, young children or those with disabilities. 
  • Providing information to employees and other people on the premises 
  • Firefighting systems & equipment
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Fire safety signage 
  • Fire safety management policies, procedures & staff training

Fire Strategy 

Regulation 38 is a requirement under the Building Regulations for England and Wales to provide fire safety information to the ‘Responsible Person’ at the completion of a project, or where the building or extension is first occupied. So if you’re erecting, extending, or undergoing a material change of use for a building, then this means you!

The fire safety information provided should include all fire safety design measures in sufficient detail & accuracy for the Responsible Person to operate and maintain the building safely. And yet, sometimes it hasn’t been provided for a number of reasons. That leaves the Responsible Person with an issue in compliance to the fire safety orders & legislation so a retrospective fire strategy can be commissioned to analyse the risks, potential fire spread & plans to reduce, manage or mitigate those fire risks.

You can also commission a fire strategy at the design stage of a building project to ensure that the required fire safety features of the final build have been correctly identified and incorporated into your design plans. 


Strategic planning is core to our model of systematic compliance


Our personalised approach helps us understand and tailor unique packages to our clients


A structured approach to maintaining compliance and keeping people safe.

Health and Safety Compliance Plans

We'll tailor a health and safety support package that works within your budget and legal commitments. Supporting you every step, from compliance to your business’s growth.


  • Up to 1 hour of consultancy and support per month
  • Annual Compliance Check
  • 5x e-learning courses per year
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • Reporting and computerised catalogue
  • Audit support


  • Quality compliance checks
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss strategic requirements
  • 5 x e-learning courses for staff training per quarter
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • 2 hours monthly support
  • Fully documented computerised records


  • Monthly Compliance Checking
  • Monthly meetings to discuss strategic requirements
  • Full access to e-learning catalogue
  • A full complement of health and safety documentation and policies
  • Reporting and computerised catalogue
  • Audit support
  • Up to 4 hrs of consultancy and support per month

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